Marian B. Hopson was born in 1915 in
Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Her maiden name
was Marian Beckett, her mother died giving
birth and she was raised till age 12 by her
Aunts Florence and Effie Beckett wo lived to
the ripe old age of 102. Marian did not have
the same fate, she died early at the age of 60
in Dallas Texas.

Sun Valley

She spent most of her active painting career in
South America where she traveled and painted
in Equador, Chile, Argentina and Peru
from 1939 to 1969.

Buletin Board

She was a great influence on many people
helping in the Churches she attended by
Arranging the flowers for all the services
an art she enjoyed a great deal.

Mom ans Davy

Artist Marian B. Hopson
& Son David


She had a deep and wonderous influence
on me that launched me on a 35 year Art and
Advertising Career. When I contemplate her
many contributions to Art I am inspiered
by her sense of color, design and a freedom
of expression that lift my spirits upon every
veiwing of her works.

Village Road






We hope you enjoy these painting and find
the bit of joy she has left for us.

Water Lilly

Marian helped publish a magazine for the
American Womans Club in Buenos Aires,
Argentina in the 1950's.

The Big Rock

She had several One Woman Shows in the
1960's of her paintings, prtraits and stil lifes.
(some appear on this page)