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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina the year
Evita's Dictator husband Peron was exiled
from the country. David grew up speaking
both Spanish and English from the moment
he uttered his first word, "papa".
His mother Marian Beckett Hopson was
an artist. She met his father on a trip to the
South American Andes to paint in 1938.
She painted portraits, designed magazine
covers and painted landscapes. David
learned a great deal from his mother and
her studio. The studio was a wonderland
for a boy in love with ART. Books about
artists, books about places, people, flowers
and animals. The things boys' dreams are
made of. A young David spent many an
hour lost in his dreams in that studio.

Growing up in South America has given
David an appreciation for communication,
which transcends culture. Finding a form of
expression that speaks to every man and
every woman in a way that crosses cultural
boundaries and preconceptions.
It is those boundaries and cultural differences,
that have shown David how to look beyond
the everyday to find the unique in the life,
which surrounds us.

David Hopson

Artist David Hopson

Today as a Modern Day Printmaker, David is
an artist who uses the printmaking medium to
present his work. Printmakers who have
inspired David include Duer, Rembrandt, Goya,
Munch, Whistler, Mucha, Homer, Dali, Picasso,
Kent, and Warhol (Artist Directory) each using
the medium available in their time; woodcuts,
etchings, engravings, wood engravings,
serigraphs and lithographs. Today Digital Gicleé
fine art prints are the digital fine art standard.
Creating fine art images inputted with a camera,
manipulated and transformed into what he
fondly calls HOPART and printed on the
highest quality acid free paper is his medium
of choice. David takes great care conceiving,
composing and coloring his images to induce
feelings deep inside ones soul, sometimes peace,
sometimes jarring action, but always-simple
things, simply seen and simply ART.

David was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
and lived there until he was 9. He then moved
to Lima, Peru where he lived until age 17.
In 1969 David moved to Dallas, Texas where
he picked up a wife, two sons, a harmonica
and a love for this country. He still lives, works
and plays there today.

At the age of 17 his family moved to Dallas,
from Lima, Peru. Texas made its mark on
David giving him a new appreciation for the
magnificent world around us.

In 1975 after graduating from North Texas
State University with a BFA in Printmaking
and Drawing David dedicated himself to the
business of art. First, as an illustrator then as
a Package and Graphic Designer and finally
as an Art Director and Creative Director.
Throughout the next 30 years
in the
Advertising arena David won many awards
for his work, an International Clio, National
ADDYS, New York Art Directors Club
Awards, Communication Arts Awards
and many more.