HOPART. Is the name I have given to the process I apply to create the images in this Gallery.
It is a way to approach and look at an object in a new and different way. It is a new form of POP art it's HOP art.
As you look through the gallery you will see this displayed. Look for unexpected points of view.
Look for bright bold colors. Look for familiar objects you have seen before.
Look and feel the power of images the HOPART way.

As a process HOPART is digital input which is then processed in the computer to enhance tone, color and composition.
After over 40 years of studying slight color shifts and their effect on images
I have developed a process by which I HOP up the images I photograph, I draw, I paint, I retouch, I modify
and create to fill the HOPART Gallery. Enjoy the joy of images which will stir your senses and
grip your mind and heart and deliver an experience and vision you have rarely seen,
but are exposed to every day. Enjoy the Art the HOPART.